What’s Next?

XX5Q40AM992015 Retrospective

I started this blog in May after attending the Powershell Summit on Microsoft’s Charlotte campus. Seeing that group of professionals share ideas and develop connections with one another made me realize it was time to get more involved in the larger technical community. I hope some of my posts were helpful to somebody out there!

My goal was to post once a week, and I achieved that goal this year with 38 posts in 31 weeks. Thanks to everyone who read, commented and shared! I especially appreciate Timothy Buck, Jon Carl, Luke Seelenbinder and Greg Bell for taking the time to write awesome guest posts.

Here are some vital statistics from 2015:

What’s Next?

Now I need to hear from you: What should this blog become in 2016? Should I write more technical “how-to” articles? Would you like to see longer series of posts focused on particular topics? Should I stop writing altogether and just draw cartoons? I have some ideas of my own…but I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions!

Happy New Year!


What’s Next?

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