Powershell Summit 2016

WashingtonI’m taking in a lot on my first trip to Seattle. Like the fact that the Washington state highway insignia does not show an outline of the state, but George Washington’s head in silhouette. This makes me wish that the old-time surveyors had actually laid out Washington State in the shape of George Washington. Come to think of it, we should redo all the states in designer shapes. I’m thinking a giant peach for Georgia, and for Texas maybe an AK-47. Michigan could still be a mitten, though. That’s weather-appropriate.

Another cool thing I’m experiencing in Seattle is the 2016 Powershell and DevOps Global Summit. I went to this event last year when they had it in Charlotte and it quite literally changed the way I think about my career: as a virtuous feedback loop, where your success is measured in part by how you share your work and engage with others in the technical community.

Here are some other cool things about the Powershell Summit:

  1. It’s small – like, two hundred attendees small – and the quality of the attendees is generally quite high: you can learn something from talking to just about anybody.
  2. There are no third-party vendors trying to sell you stuff, just presenters who care incredibly much about the Windows ecosystem.
  3. The sessions are lousy with Microsoft engineers, including quite a few members of the Powershell product group. If you’re really lucky, you might find yourself sharing an elevator with Jeffrey Snover himself. This is the time to ask your best, most complicated Powershell question.

If you want straight talk about the state of the art in Windows system automation, this event is the place to be. This year I’m hoping to live-tweet and/or blog as many of the sessions as possible. I also hope to have some other cool stuff coming out of this week that I’ll share more about if everything works out. In the meantime, please check back throughout the week for updates!

Day 1 Summary

Day 2 Summary

Day 3 Summary


Powershell Summit 2016

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