November 2, 2018 ยท 1 minute read

Technical Writing

Forrest’s latest blog posts on cloud technologies and the emerging serverless space appear at A Cloud Guru or Trek10.


Stories currently free to read online are linked.

“Perchance to Dream” - Daily Science Fiction, 7/12/2018

“Memory Foam” - Daily Science Fiction, 9/7/2018

“The Slide” - Daily Science Fiction, 9/27/2018

“The Honeypot” - Theme of Absence, 11/9/2018

“World War 2.8.41 Release Notes” - Daily Science Fiction, forthcoming

“Ghost Runners” - Who Knocks, forthcoming January 2019

“Death’s Head in B Dorm” - Menacing Hedge, forthcoming January 2019

“Empathy Bee” - Diabolical Plots, forthcoming March 2019

“The Mark” - forthcoming 2019

“Russian Rhapsody” - Abyss and Apex, forthcoming 2020

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