Summer 2018 Roundup

I haven’t posted to this blog in awhile, but that’s mainly because it’s been a crazy first half of the year. I’ve started a new job as a cloud architect and serverless community advocate at Trek10, moved to a new state, and put time into some exciting side projects. I was also named an AWS Serverless Hero a few days ago. This is a new program that recognizes AWS community leaders in the specific area of serverless applications, and is already helping me to meet and help more people on their cloud journey.

Recent Writing

Most of my technical writing is now appearing either at Trek10 or at A Cloud Guru. The “FaaS and Furious” cartoon series is going strong and can be found via A Cloud Guru’s social media channels.

I also originated and have been co-hosting the Think FaaS podcast to help educate the serverless community. The episodes are short and fluff-free, so why not subscribe?

Yesterday one of my short fiction pieces — the first of several — appeared at Daily Science Fiction, a professional SFWA-qualifying publication. This is part of a larger project that I hope to share more about at the end of the year.

Upcoming Speaking Events

July 17th – “DEV12 – Living On The Edge with AWS Greengrass” – AWS Summit NYC

I’ll be speaking in the Dev Lounge at the AWS NYC Summit. Come for the Greengrass war stories, stay for the soon-to-be-infamous IoT Rap.

July 30-August 1st – ServerlessConf San Francisco

I’ll be heavily involved in this year’s ServerlessConf. Here’s my tentative agenda:

  • July 30: Leading an all-day serverless workshop
  • July 31: Hosting the main talk track
  • Aug 1: Joint talk with Jared Short: “How To Win Coworkers and Influence Organizations for Serverless”

The Think FaaS podcast will also be featured live on both days of the main conference with an excellent lineup of guest speakers. I hope to see you there!

September 8th – “Serverless for the Enterprise” – IT Weekend Ukraine

Looking forward to sharing some serverless best practices at one of Eastern Europe’s largest IT events.


Summer 2018 Roundup


Big news! I’m excited to announce that I will be partnering with the fine folks at A Cloud Guru as a writer and cartoonist, starting…well, yesterday. In particular, the ongoing “Serverless Superheroes” series will be migrating to their blog, as well as the “CloudPleasers” cartoons. (I plan to be drawing those much more frequently!) I am also hoping to develop some other exciting cloud-focused content with A Cloud Guru in the coming months – more on that later.

This blog will remain my place for short technical notes, general career-related posts, and the occasional lapse into embarrassing silence.

If you enjoy my writing here, I hope you will bookmark as well! They have some of the best and brightest members of the cloud community creating great content over there – I’m honored to join them.


What’s Next?

XX5Q40AM992015 Retrospective

I started this blog in May after attending the Powershell Summit on Microsoft’s Charlotte campus. Seeing that group of professionals share ideas and develop connections with one another made me realize it was time to get more involved in the larger technical community. I hope some of my posts were helpful to somebody out there!

My goal was to post once a week, and I achieved that goal this year with 38 posts in 31 weeks. Thanks to everyone who read, commented and shared! I especially appreciate Timothy Buck, Jon Carl, Luke Seelenbinder and Greg Bell for taking the time to write awesome guest posts.

Here are some vital statistics from 2015:

What’s Next?

Now I need to hear from you: What should this blog become in 2016? Should I write more technical “how-to” articles? Would you like to see longer series of posts focused on particular topics? Should I stop writing altogether and just draw cartoons? I have some ideas of my own…but I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions!

Happy New Year!


What’s Next?

hello, world

I’m an enterprise cloud architect specializing in innovative database and server architecture and automation solutions for AWS.

Some of the technologies and services I regularly use include Powershell, SQL Server with AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Windows Failover Clusters, Salt, JackDB, Zadara and the whole bag of AWS tricks (RDS, EC2, S3, IAM, VPC, CloudFormation…)

In this space, I’ll be posting about some of the cool things I learn at the intersection of Powershell, SQL Server and AWS.

hello, world