Events and Appearances

November 2, 2018 ยท 2 minute read

Feel free to reach out if you would like Forrest to speak at your conference, user group, or other tech event.


Date Location Talk Title Notes
2020/11/10 CloudUnity Day Keynote address
2020/10/05 “Telco in 20” podcast Beware of lift ‘n shift listen
2020/9/17 Comcast Cloud Native Revolution The Cartoonist’s Guide to Cloud Adoption
2020/8/07 SiliconAngle’s TheCUBE Cloud Native Insights with Forrest Brazeal read and watch
2020/7/21 “Screaming in the Cloud” podcast with Corey Quinn The Cloud Bard Speaks listen or read
2020/7/16 OSCON Superstream: Cloud Strategies and Implementation The Cartoonist’s Guide to Cloud Adoption
2020/7/01 “Talking Serverless” podcast Episode 12 listen
2020/4/29 ServerlessDays Virtual Code-wise, cloud-foolish


Date Location Talk Title Notes
2019/10/07-09 ServerlessConf NYC Various (conference co-chair)
2019/09/16 “Serverless Chats” podcast Serverless CI/CD for the Enterprise listen
2019/08/22 AWS Twitch Serverless Hero Challenge video
2019/07/17 DashCon NYC When Bad Architectures Happen To Good People: Migrating to Serverless in a Legacy World video
2019/07/09 Webinar with AWS and Epsagon Modern Apps on AWS: Challenges and Solutions video
2019/05/30 AWS Chicago Summit Souped-Up CI/CD on AWS
2019/03/20 Leading Edge Forum Study Tour (Palo Alto, CA) The Cloud Natives Are Restless: Serverless, DevOps, and the Tribal War for Enterprise IT
2019/03/18 UC Berkeley RISELab Serverless as Industry Paradigm
2019/01/29 FooBar Codes Interview with Marcia Villalba video
2019/01/24 Triangle Serverless Meetup NoSQL Design Patterns for Serverless


Date Location Talk Title Notes
2018/12/06 The Serverless Show Episode 7: re:Invent Recap Interview with Protego’s Hillel Solow (watch or read)
2018/11/26-30 AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas Meet an Engineer: Forrest Brazeal Interview with AWS’s Randall Hunt (video)
2018/11/14 AWS Webinar Serverless Workflows For The Enterprise Co-presented with AWS’s Chris Munns (video)
2018/09/08 IT Weekend Ukraine 2018 The Case For Serverless video
2018/08/01 ServerlessConf San Francisco How To Win Coworkers and Influence Organizations For Serverless Co-presented with Trek10’s Jared Short (video)
2018/07/17 AWS New York Summit Living on the Edge with AWS Greengrass Presented as a Dev Chat (slides)
2018/07/11 “Screaming in the Cloud” podcast Episode 18: “Sitting on the curb clapping as serverless superheroes go by” A conversation with cloud economist Corey Quinn (listen or read)
2018/04/05 Silicon Valley Bank Fireside Chat with Tim Wagner
2018/03/28 Women Who Code Richmond Rapid Prototyping With Serverless

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