November 2, 2018 ยท 1 minute read

Feel free to reach out if you would like Forrest to speak at your conference, user group, or other tech event.


Date Location Talk Title Notes
TBD Raleigh Serverless Meetup How To Rock at Serverless CI/CD on AWS
2018/12/06 The Serverless Show Episode 7: re:Invent Recap Interview with Protego’s Hillel Solow (watch or read)
2018/11/26-30 AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas Meet an Engineer: Forrest Brazeal Interview with AWS’s Randall Hunt (video)
2018/11/14 AWS Webinar Serverless Workflows For The Enterprise Co-presented with AWS’s Chris Munns (video)
2018/09/08 IT Weekend Ukraine 2018 The Case For Serverless video
2018/08/01 ServerlessConf San Francisco How To Win Coworkers and Influence Organizations For Serverless Co-presented with Trek10’s Jared Short (video)
2018/07/17 AWS New York Summit Living on the Edge with AWS Greengrass Presented as a Dev Chat (slides)
2018/07/11 “Screaming in the Cloud” podcast Episode 18: “Sitting on the curb clapping as serverless superheroes go by” A conversation with cloud economist Corey Quinn (listen or read)
2018/04/05 Silicon Valley Bank Fireside Chat with Tim Wagner
2018/03/28 Women Who Code Richmond Rapid Prototyping With Serverless

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